14 Causes Your Bunny Would possibly Be Sick

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Preserve your house simple. Remind folks not to go away back packs on the floor, items on the stairs, etc. Keep water bowl in same place. When feeding canine, put bowl on floor and call dog to dinner. Faucet the bowl or preserve selecting it up and putting it down. Inform your canine dinner and encourage them to go to the bowl. It provides them a way of independence and delight.

Hi. I just purchased a pomeranian puppy she weighs about 2 pounds. We recently had to put our other 2 dogs to sleep and received the pom to assist with the ache of the loss. We also have 2 cats and out one cat skittles is about 20 pounds she is attacking the puppy. She has drawn blood twice both times near the puppies eye. She doesn’t assault her when we are within the room only when they’re alone. I am really involved and confused as a result of the cats have all the time gotten along with our different canine.