The Role of Deaerators in Industrial Applications


Many industries will use a deaerator within their applications. There are a number of different designs, which is why a company will work with a deaerator supplier to find the best equipment to meet their needs.

The Role

Ultimately, the role of a deaerator is to remove dissolved gases from feedwater. It will protect the system from the effects of gases, which can produce a significant amount of corrosion. The concentration of dissolved oxygen is reduced, as well as carbon dioxide, in order to minimize the corrosion levels.

Various Designs

Working with a deaerator supplier is critical to learn about the various designs. One machine may work more effectively than another based on the materials they are working with or the quantities. There are double shell tray deaerators, horizontal heater tray deaerators, and more. Working with a supplier will make it easier to learn about the pros and cons of … Read more

How Cody Moxam Studies: Tips for Life Science Majors

Life science is a complex field, which means that students who have chosen it as their area of study have a lot of work before them. If you are a life science major in college or university, how are you supposed to go about absorbing a vast amount of information in the short periods between exams? Every day you are learning new terminology, processes, concepts, and phenomena. It’s a lot to pack into your brain—but life science students like Cody Moxam know that you can ace your classes with proper diligence. Here are a few tips for studying:

Figure out what kind of learner you are

Before you begin learning anything, it’s critical to understand how you learn. There are several different categories of learners—sometimes four, seven, or eight, depending on who you ask—and these categories can help you determine how you process information best. Learning Styles Online lists seven: … Read more