Lining pipes with rubber for protection


Many industries use a pipe system to transport non-liquid materials. In the agricultural industry, dried corn kernels are often moved via piping, chutes and flumes. Coal, limestone and other minerals are often transported from point A to point B in the same manner.

The downfall of moving such materials is the damage they can do to the lining of pipes and chutes. The hard, jagged edges can erode the metal linings through constant movement. Thousands of bits of hard material with many more thousands of jagged edges all scrape along the inner walls of pipes. Over time, the tens of thousands of gouges affect the strength of the piping.

When the linings become too thin and weak due to erosion, the pipes can fail and will need to be replaced. Anyone in business knows that replacement of a transit system is costly. These costs climb higher when production downtime during … Read more

Delegating Jobs in a Small Business


There’s no question that people who run their own small businesses have a lot on their plates, especially if they run the business out of their own home. On any given day, a small business owner will have to check on orders, ship out products to customers, check inventory, do the accounting, check on office supplies and strategize a new marketing and advertising campaign. And that’s just for starters! Yes, it’s a lot to do, but for people who thrive on staying busy and keeping their business flowing, it can be exciting as well as challenging.



Avoiding Burnout

Many successful business owners say the key to keeping their businesses in good shape is to learn how to delegate certain jobs, to avoid the burnout that can come from trying to do way too much. Some business owners delegate by bringing in an intern or part-time worker to help manage some … Read more