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What Africans must do shouldn’t be slide into ignominious ignoramuses and into a state of petty jealousies and pettiness, however read what Bantu is talking about and advising us about to the extend of our plights, and as to what’s truly taking place to African folks in South Africa, who have to align, beg for and collaborate with their former oppressors to perpetuate the previous oppressions of ‘in-your-face Apartheid’; to the one which at the moment(Economical and Class Apartheid), and this has morphed into DA and other secret forces of alien movement, but still the identical outfit, with a Black face to go together with it-in the case of the ruling ANC-led government-as its entrance males.

This was the essential picture. I feel you have to agree that the number of misconceptions about the Mayan calendar and its hypothetical implications is stunningly high. Individuals are saying issues that are improper at each conceivable stage – from historical errors in regards to the Mayan interpretations to confusions between a brand new cycle and the tip of the world, to incorrect ideas whether it would imply something, to underestimating the knowledge of lengthy durations of time by the Mayans, to complete ignorance about maths, science, astronomy, and historical past.

It seems because the contract phrases change into clearer, the long checklist of members being screwed just grows The ATRs, ex members who resigned or were terminated, newly minted directors , members who died in service, went on disability or unpaid leave, and now added to the checklist are the members who worked per session. The record continues to develop with the brand new contract. I hate to assume who’s next to be screwed by the contract down the street. Hopefully its not you.

We all know that every thing we are saying is being monitored right here on Facebook, however we are able to no less than discuss to one one other unless there is a more personal means like the viral stream. Understanding the Media(as espoused by Marshall McLuhan) is essential to our contributing to the liberation. social motion is and ought to be the norm. Tangible results should be the target, and social gluing and cohesion the first focus.