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Bitstrips for Schools is an educational tool that engages students using a medium they love – Comics!

Why you came to Richmond: I am a local of Richmond and a product of Richmond Public Schools. What an important opportunity to give again to a community and college district of which I’m a product. To convey my talents and experiences to assist the students and employees in providing a safer faculty setting and to also be part of an ideal college security department.

Present up, demand better, help out at college, take your kid(s) out of college. Most (but not all) teachers work very laborious, but one downside is that many have by no means been out of the varsity system. They started at age 5 in elementary, went to junior excessive, high school, faculty, then at age 22 stepped right again into the varsity as a trainer. It’s all they know.

Most of such vocational faculties are simply cash spinning commercial ventures with nobody to oversee their activities, a lot to the woe of gullible students and their struggling parents. Happily, public debates on TV and other media are now being aired and the Minister in charge of Schooling seems to be keen to implement some enchancment.

Nevertheless, with such a profound attack on democracy and our community schools, we’ve to do extra. One answer to attempts to shut down democracy and exclude people from the varsity system is to create more democratic strain. That signifies that domestically, we need to use each opportunity to display that even the place formal mechanisms don’t exist, the voices of parents, teachers and communities can discover expression by mass meetings, polls, surveys, protests.