Hawaii DOE (2)

Situated in Topeka Kansas, The Sumner Elementary School was involved within the Brown Vs. Board of Training Trial held in 1954.

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Within the earlier part of this paper, it was acknowledged that vocational subjects are taught as early as Grade 9 and that college students can obtain COCs by way of the program where the NC II can be equated to a diploma in a vocational course issued by TESDA. From this, it may be inferred that the Ok-12 program was designed for college kids to be skilled in areas related to the foreign labor market. The Philippines does not need a vast army of semi-skilled staff. As a substitute, it requires professionals who can enhance the country’s financial system through nationalized industries which is the start of any developed nation.

So, apart from desegregating schools, what does Kozol wish to do? Surprisingly enough, for all of his self-expressed idealism, he turns out to be as naive a materialist as one would count on from somebody who has found his own cash­making method. Repeatedly Kozol returns to his main message: give those colleges extra money! No reform wanting unloading a dump-truck filled with hundred-dollar payments on the campus of every city public college will resolve in the present day’s training ills.

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