How To Cease A Cat From Attacking Canine

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Sofeeyah, you’ll be able to attempt placing a litter box where your rabbit generally makes use of the washroom, behind your bookshelf in this case… if that doesn’t work, try utilizing a half and half mixture of water and vinegar, simply rub it over the area, rabbits hate the scent and can avoid it, i did it when my lop started peeing on the nook of my carpet…one therapy and he or she by no means did it once more. hope this helps.

If you’re not willing to simply accept the tasks that come together with a pet, then please, please, please don’t get one. This contains researching the animal so that you can learn to properly care for it, bringing it to the vet for regular check-ups and when it gets sick, and spending enough time with the animal to understand normal vs abnormal behavior. I am shocked and disgusted by among the posts individuals have put on this page.