How To Write An Academic Abstract

Hillsong is a highly regarded Christian church that’s going international. The Catholic Church might learn a lesson or two from their success especially with the youth and millennials.

You do not know my Christianity. I know that man’s highest ethical objective is his own happiness and I believe (not know) that God put me on this earth to be glad. How am I to realize it? By doing that which betters and enriches my life. What is that? Whatever is in my rational self-interest. As an Egoist, life is my standard of worth and my happiness my highest moral function. That which helps me to realize these is the good. That which might hinder or hold me from realizing them is evil. Good and Evil do exist as objective absolutes derived from goal reality. Existence exists, or A is A.

The time period ‘banking system education’ is a phrase used mockingly by Paulo Freire to describe the prevailing system of schooling, He called the normal system of education as ‘banking education‘ as a result of in this system academics make deposits of knowledge and data into the empty accounts of students, in the same manner one operates a bank account. The traditional schooling, as conceived by Friere, is an act of depositing, in which the scholars are the depositories and the trainer is the depositor. On this system of schooling, the teacher lectures, and the scholars obtain, memorize, and repeat.

Integrity is a hallmark of Northwestern’s existence as a community committed to the Lordship of Christ. As people and as an establishment, we strive for ethical consistency between our acknowledged beliefs and our actions. We try to cope with each other and with these outside the faculty with honesty and fairness in all educational affairs, insurance policies, financial dealings, and publications.

Tony, I am definitely very glad I got here across this hub because philosophy is certainly one of my favourite subjects. I noticed one of many comments by Theresa who indicated you unnoticed Winnie the Pooh, which I believed was funny. Decartes was all the time one of my favorites although I really like reading all of them, presumably due to being cursed to assume loads and analyze rather a lot. Thumbs up in your hub. Thanks again.