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What to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Photo Booth A portable photo booth is a potential extra income source for a small business. These photo booths can remain in one place or instantly transport to different events, and the earnings can surpass $100 in just one hour. From weddings to corporate events, the added entertainment of a handy photo booth is well-appreciated. Business owners have to consider many issues before ordering one of these booths, such as the following: Setup Ease
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When you purchase a portable photo booth, the time it consumes to put up and take down the booth is definitely important. Obviously, to be able to transport the booth in a car, it must disassemble into small pieces. When the photo booth reaches its location, the ability to set it up with ease is a huge plus.
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Equipment Quality The core selling point of a photo booth is its technical quality. The booth must top-quality images with lots of exciting options, and the photos must print fast as the guest leave. The touchscreen monitor is usually the first thing people see, and it should produce a bright clear picture with a large viewing area. The computer that operates the software must have adequate memory and speed for efficient processing. The digital camera need not be top-of-the-line, but the camera should be at least mid-level. And if upgrades will be needed, you should know beforehand. Features Compare available features on various units first before buying a photo booth. Two of the most in-demand features of photo booths nowadays are creative controls and online sharing. > Creative Controls Creative features can be anything, from adding icons and backgrounds to cropping to applying different effects, etc. Guests should be able to change image sizes and colors using special software. The idea is to provide a whole variety of choices for the guests. Creative controls are basically what make photo booths very exciting, so you can’t compromise on this one. > Online Sharing There are certain types of software that let users share their images online through social media sites. Of course, this requires Internet connectivity, as well as security software that will protect guests who log into their accounts. Some software manufacturers, as part of their marketing campaigns, allow users to share pictures on their company websites. Marketing Plan Having a marketing plan is crucial if you’re starting a new business. Of what use is having the best photo booth if people don’t even know? As in any other type of business, advertising is necessary. And a solid plan should already be in place prior to your booth purchase. Marketing a photo booth business entails the use of certain tactics that will establish your campaign.


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