Snow Day And The WPS Calendar (2)

Four members of the Motion of Rank and File Educators (MORE) sat by way of a propaganda love fest this afternoon as UFT Chief Financial Officer Dave Hickey, Staff Director Leroy Barr and then President Michael Mulgrew defined our new contract to rousing applause from the Unity/New Motion devoted on the negotiating committee. Now that the contract is finished there isn’t any have to be confidential.

As you realize, it takes 2 to tango so if you’d like milk out of your doe you will have to discover a buck to breed her with. Bucks aren’t quiet the same as your does or withers. And if you’re a first time goat proprietor I might advise against shopping for and housing a buck in your property. One reason is that they must be housed separately, away from your does. This implies another fenced space, one other shelter and more company for him. Another excuse is that bucks in rut stink. And I imply actually stink. But a buck can be a goat who craves consideration and will need to discuss to you and have your undivided consideration- so you’ll stink too!

Two problems to this point: the Gmail app only works with real Gmail accounts, our custom area doesn’t work, and, extra importantly, the calendar syncing remains to be terrible… downstream from the web calendar appears OK, however upstream did not work at first, till I uninstalled and reinstalled Google Sync, but then it does not upload sync any current events (does not let you know that, both), just new occasions. Plus existing occasions synced down from the web calendar at the moment are duplicated.

Before the aforementioned incident of a rock throwing policeman, some early incidents foreshadowed the police reactions that was to be unleashed an hour or two later. A automobile carrying four plain garments policemen from the path of Jabulani police station raced after them. As the car stopped and its occupants obtained our, the two students noticed them and fled. One policeman drew a pistol, fired two shots into the air after which a third at the young boy with the placard that read ’50-50 Afrikaans and 50-50 for Vorster’.

Schooling specialists, trainer unions and business leaders strongly criticized the standard of the matric certificates earlier than and after Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced the 78% matric move charge on Monday evening. They said it didn’t equip matriculants with abilities to successfully enter the job market and universities.