Emergency Medical Technicians (or EMTs) perform the all-important task of taking care of people who are hurt at the site of a collision or other such event, and they also care for such patients during their ride in an emergency vehicle (such as an ambulance) to a hospital or other care facility. Here are three interesting facts about EMTs you may not already know. 

There Are Different Levels of EMT Training 

You may have heard the term “EMT-Basic” to refer to an EMT. This term simply denotes the most basic level of training that an EMT can have. There are also EMT-A’s (EMT-Advanced) and EMT-P’s (EMT-Paramedic). EMT-A’s must have about two times (and EMT-P’s about five times) the hours of training an EMT-B has. Of course, EMT-P’s are also simply called paramedics. 

EMT Training Is Offered Online 

While EMT training is available at in-person classes that are organized by … Read more

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Montessori Activities vs Open-Ended Play - Fishtown Montessori

What is the Three-Year Montessori Cycle?

The three-year cycle in Montessori schools holds that a child will spend three years in any given classroom. The philosophy is that a child is best served with a full three years in the same environment with the same teacher. 

As new younger children enter the classroom each year, the students all have the opportunity to be the youngest, middle and oldest in the class. This allows for leadership and teaching moments for the older children, and learning, inquiring, and emulating for the younger children. When looking for the best preschool near me, it’s important to be sure that the school has a good grasp of this cycle.

What are the Benefits of the Three-Year Cycle?

One of the benefits children in Montessori experience is the comfort of having the same teacher for three whole years. When a child is taught by the … Read more

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