As fall approaches and we begin to enjoy all the little things that it brings, we invite you to explore timely learning resources from DE that will help your students to reflect on the past, note the present, and look to the future with hope and wonder.

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Celebrating Native American Heritage

Native American and indigenous peoples have inhabited North America for thousands of years. Today, Native American communities continue to honor their rich historical narrative, traditions, and guiding values. With new timely learning resources including images, videos, reading passages, and more, students can learn about Native American heritage all year long and experience the stories of modern-day activists, innovators, and leaders who instill meaningful changes in their communities and across the country.

Earth to Luna

Grades K-5

Follow Luna, her brother Jupiter, and pet ferret Clyde on adventures to explore life, physical,

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As momentum builds to improve how schools teach history (including the more painful parts of it), there’s been a push for more comprehensive, thoughtful, and accurate education around Indigenous American history. In recent years, some states have passed legislation to better ensure that Indigenous American history and culture are reflected in the curriculum.

During the month of November, which is Indigenous Peoples’ Month (also known as Native American Heritage Month), there’s a timely opportunity to deepen learning around the history, contributions, and contemporary issues of Indigenous peoples. Keep reading for lessons and activities to incorporate Indigenous American history and perspectives into your curriculum — throughout both Indigenous Peoples’ Month and the whole year.

Lessons and Activities about Indigenous American History and Culture

Use these lessons and classroom activities as a starting point to deepen student understanding of Indigenous American history, culture, and contributions for Indigenous Peoples’ Month and beyond.

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