It is not easy to adapt to the lifestyle changes that the coronavirus pandemic has forced upon every one of us. We are separated from friends and family; we are torn from our usual lifestyle routine. Instead, fear of contracting the dreaded virus has been thrust upon us.

None has been hit, more forcefully and fatally, than the children. From the adolescents to the teenagers, all have been affected both physically and mentally. There is a need to reassure them and teach them what it takes to survive and adapt in situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Streaming movies, watching television shows, or doing some other things can help distract your kids and you from the pressures of the virus. Still, it is also smart to encourage reading as part of these activities. It will keep the kids engaged and also keep them from the screens for a while. Though watching… Read more

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6 Ways To Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension - Tutor Rise -  Tuition for 11 Plus

There are plenty of things you would want your child to know and understand. As parents, you still want your children to grow up as individuals who are caring, compassionate, happy, and prosperous. You want them to love and to be respected by everyone.

Before they are exposed to the big world, you become role models for your children at home. Kids easily understand everything. They will always need you to guide them to follow the correct route. Let us lead you on the right track of life; you can show them

  1. You Deserve To Be Respected and Loved

You must allow your child to communicate his/her feelings openly. With love and appreciation, shower her and also direct them to do the same for you as well. You are regarded by your child to be her greatest role model. In the future, how you behave and what you plan can … Read more

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