2 Fire-Related Professions and Their Qualifications

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Fires are an unfortunate reality of the world. Whether they affect a home, a business, a historical landmark, or something else, they leave destruction in their wake. Fires can cause thousands of dollars in damages and huge amounts of emotional distress, so the people who work to prevent and fight fires are some true societal heroes.

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Fire Inspectors

Fire inspectors are people who regularly visit businesses and other areas to make sure everything adheres to fire codes. To become a fire inspector, it is strongly advised that you work as a professional firefighter first. Firefighters have to learn about their area’s fire codes, which is the most essential part of a fire inspector’s job, but they also have to learn about the science of fire such as how they start, how they spread, and what materials are prone to fire. Then, you need to take the proper fire inspector course to earn your qualifications.

Fire Fighters

Before you can become a fire inspector, you need to become a qualified firefighter. Each state in the US has individual requirements for firefighters to ensure that only people who are truly qualified and well-suited can become firefighters. Usually, hopeful firefighters have to be relatively young and in good physical condition. Then, hopefuls must pass some required tests, attend a fire academy, and also become a certified EMT. There are a lot of mandatory qualifications, but they are necessary for such an important and dangerous job.

There are numerous requirements to satisfy before becoming a firefighter, but hopefuls need to meet all of those and more to become a fire inspector. Neither of these professions is anything to scoff at. The people in these professions have all put thousands of hours into their profession in addition to being incredibly brave heroes in society. Society is should be thankful for the work they do.