Resources for Teaching about Indigenous Peoples and Histories in North America

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As momentum builds to improve how schools teach history (including the more painful parts of it), there’s been a push for more comprehensive, thoughtful, and accurate education around Indigenous American history. In recent years, some states have passed legislation to better ensure that Indigenous American history and culture are reflected in the curriculum.

During the month of November, which is Indigenous Peoples’ Month (also known as Native American Heritage Month), there’s a timely opportunity to deepen learning around the history, contributions, and contemporary issues of Indigenous peoples. Keep reading for lessons and activities to incorporate Indigenous American history and perspectives into your curriculum — throughout both Indigenous Peoples’ Month and the whole year.

Lessons and Activities about Indigenous American History and Culture

Use these lessons and classroom activities as a starting point to deepen student understanding of Indigenous American history, culture, and contributions for Indigenous Peoples’ Month and beyond.

Indigenous NHL Players 2020-21 (PDF & JPG format) by Tipler Teaches
Not Grade Specific

Oral Storytelling with Story Vines: An Indigenous Perspective by Indigenous Education Resources
Not Grade Specific

California Native Americans-Distance Learning Reading Passages and More

California Native Americans-Distance Learning by Sailing into Second
2nd-4th Grades

Canada’s Indigenous People (First Nations, Aboriginal) – Inquiry Based Unit by Fun in Fourth
3rd-5th Grades

Native American Facts, Myths, and Stereotypes: Close Reading Passages, Writing Activities, Discussion and Role Play

Facts, Myths, and Stereotypes – Native American ELA Unit by Real Native Learning Resources
3rd-6th Grades

Indigenous Peoples Day Activities in Spanish by Maestra Manzano
3rd-10th Grades

Indigenous Reconciliation & Anti-Racism Interactive Notebook Mini Unit by One Curious World
4th-7th Grades

Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian March Madness Debate Lesson by ELA with Morgan
9th-12th Grades

Five Little Indians Novel Study and Contemporary Indigenous Issues Unit by Infusing Indigenous Literature

10th-12th Grades

Discover more classroom activities and resources to help you teach about the history and contributions of Indigenous Americans during Indigenous Peoples’ Month and beyond.