Say Hello to TPT: Where Educators Thrive

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As the home for millions of teacher experts, we’re excited to announce that we’ve graduated to a fresh look and a new name: TPT. 

An animation of TPT's new logo begins with the logo fading in from left to right, the letters TPT bouncing one at a time, and an additional yellow star flourish getting drawn.
The redesigned TPT homepage with a brand module banner is shown against a vibrant green background.
Two images are shown side by side. On the left is an image of school supplies, including markers, paper clips, a highlighter, scissors, a laptop keyboard, a notebook, and TPT resources against a yellow surface. On the right is a graphic that reads, "Helping teachers teach at their best," against yellow notebook paper.

Becoming the place where educators thrive 

TPT began in 2006 to address a need — the need for teachers to be able to share what they know with each other. Paul Edelman, our founder, met that need with an idea for a marketplace where teachers could buy, sell, and share the original educational resources they’ve created. Since then, this idea has bloomed into a movement that centers on the expertise of teachers and creates a community to elevate the profession.

The TPT marketplace remains a place where new ideas are born every day, where millions of teachers have each others’ backs, where educators can turn for solutions to their latest challenges. Today, it’s joined by TPT School Access, a subscription that teachers use to prepare engaging lessons, complement  core curriculum, and meet each student’s unique needs. Across the marketplace and TPT School Access, TPT is the go-to platform for educators to access not just content, but also interactive learning tools and community. Our original name, Teachers Pay Teachers, didn’t represent everything we offer teachers now. Our new name encompasses all the ways teachers use us to thrive — so we are now officially TPT.

Two images of teachers are shown side by side. On the left, a photo of a  teacher in her classroom is shown against a blue background with a green asterisk and curly yellow arrow pointing to a minimalist resource module. On the right is a photo of a teacher smiling at her desk.
A white laptop sits on a busy wooden desk with notebooks, index cards, pencils, markers in a pencil holder, a water bottle, and a globe. The wall is dark green and the laptop shows an Easel activity being completed.

Powering the future of education

A lot has changed in education since we were first founded. In that time, teachers have faced increased pressure to meet evolving standards, integrate technology, and personalize learning, along with so much more. And through it all, teachers have continued to turn to TPT as a trustworthy source of inspiration and support. That’s why we’ve spent the last 16 years dreaming up new ways to help educators access the content, tools, and community they need to meet these changes head on.

  • Need a last-minute activity? Turn to our ever growing catalog of standards-aligned resources.
  • Want to access all TPT has to offer without paying out of pocket? Try district or school-funded subscriptions through TPT School Access.
  • Need to address a challenging topic with your students? Tap into our highly engaged global community of educators and get inspiration from them on how they approach the subject.
A dark green graphic with a subtle line flourish and hand-drawn yellow star reads "Lift Teachers, Life Education." The text is a pale yellow, except for "Education" which is italicized and in TPT green.
A photo of two teachers standing together in a classroom while working on reviewing a document in a folder.

Keeping teachers at the heart of our work 

TPT will always be dedicated to connecting, inspiring, and supporting the members of our teacher community as they navigate an ever-changing education landscape. We aim to make it possible for any teacher to benefit from the wisdom and experience of other teachers, regardless of whether they’re a first-year teacher or a 20-year veteran.

Two images of are shown side by side. On the left is a teacher smiling in her classroom while wearing a yellow dress and holding a student activity in her hand. On the right is a text graphic with a purple and green background that reads, "Educators are at the heart of everything we do."
A bird's eye view image of scattered student work and supplies against a vibrant TPT green surface. Shown are crayons, 2 crumbled papers, 3 activity pages, a pencil, a composition notebook, a pencil sharpener, scissors, colored pencils in an open case, a simple calculator, and part of a laptop keyboard.

Reintroducing ourselves to the class

As you might expect, a fresh look and new name means a few changes are in order. The first thing you’ll notice is our new logo, with our new official name: TPT. You’ll also notice our refreshed look, with new colors and visuals, on our website and in our communications from here on out. We’ve also made a few changes to the website to create an easier, more intuitive search experience.

A picture of the refreshed TPT search results page against a yellow background. It shows "Results for reading comprehension".
A collage of 6 teachers against a dark green background with hand-drawn motifs, including arrows, lines, and a circled check mark, n TPT's new brand colors.

Looking forward, TPT will continue to work to improve education and help educators thrive by using technology as a tool to unlock the wisdom and creativity of teachers around the world. We’re excited to keep growing right alongside educators.

In fact, we’re so excited, we wanted to celebrate it with you! We’re giving away gift bags of TPT-branded merchandise and a $50 TPT gift card to five lucky educators. To enter, simply submit this form by Dec. 31, 2022. 

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