STEM Activities for Middle School and High School

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Recently, the U.S. Department of Education announced the initiative “YOU Belong in STEM,” which hopes “to galvanize the broad STEM education ecosystem . . . for all young people from PreK to higher education.” It recognizes the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education along with the role high-quality resources will play in expanding science literacy beyond a classroom’s zip code. 

When it comes to high-quality STEAM resources, countless teachers have already been stepping up to the plate to create the resources they need and elevate their students’ learning. These dedicated Teacher-Authors have then shared out their STEM activities through TPT for more teachers to use with their middle and high school students. Here are some examples of their engaging, rigorous, and inclusive STEAM resources that you can use in your classroom too. 

3 Fun STEM Projects for Middle and High School Students

Have your students lead their learning with project-based learning. These hands-on STEM projects and challenges are sure to entertain your students, encourage them to design and build like engineers, and help them learn problem-solving skills.

Resource image says, "Ancient Greece STEM Challenges: Chariot Challenge & Catapult Challenge" with pictures of each STEAM challenge.

Ancient Greece Activities STEM Challenges – Projects – 6th Grade History by StudentSavvy

Grades: 3-7 | Subjects: Social Studies, Ancient History, Engineering

Easel Activity included

White graphic with picture of resource page, an egg parachuting down, and the text "Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop Activity"

Egg Drop Challenge. STEM Project. Laws of Motion by The Learning Hypothesis Store

Grades: 5-10 | Subjects: Basic Principles, General Science, Physical Science


The text "Engineering Careers Research Project" is shown with two activity pages on a wooden desk with the callout, "Digital Included" in a small clip art laptop in the corner.

Engineering and STEM Careers – Research Project, Lesson Plan, and Activities by STEM in the Middle

Grades: 6-9 | Subjects: Career and Technical Education, Writing, Engineering

Easel Activity included

4 Comprehensive STEM Lessons to Use in Middle and High School

From science experiments to inclusive STEAM history, these science lessons will not only help your middle and high school students learn but will also show them that anyone can be a real world scientist, mathematician, or engineer for a career. 

Graphic is titled, "Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Volcanoes," shows pages from the STEM activity, and says on the bottom "Google Slides Digital Task Cards"

Natural Disasters | Hurricane Earthquake Tornado Volcanic Eruption | Bundle by Future 4 Learning

Grades: 4-7 | Subjects: Earth Sciences, General Science

Comprehension Power-Up Lesson + Graphic Organizer: ELA, STEM (Frayer Model) by Educircles-org 21st Century Skills

Grades: 6-9 | English Language Arts, Math, Science

Easel Activity included

Black Inventions and Inventors Bundle – Black STEM History by Learning Pyramid

Grades: 6-12 | Subjects: Science, Social Studies – History, Black History Month

Easel Activity included

Deforestación y extinción de animales slideshow by Maria del Mar

Grades: 9-12 | Subjects: Environment, Spanish, Earth Day

5 Engaging STEM Activities for Middle and High School Classes

Use these interactive STEM activities, labs, and challenges to engage your middle schoolers and high schoolers and inspire them to think critically about science and engineering.

Careers in Science / STEM – FREEBIE! by Lessons with Lexi

Grades: 5-9 | Subjects: General Science


Refraction Lab – Remote Learning by MaterialsByMahal

Grades: 5-9 | Subjects: Science, Physics


STEAM Challenge: Baby Lifejackets by The Ardent Teacher 

Grades: 6-9 | Subjects: Physics, Physical Science

Analog and Digital Signals Activity Article Worksheet and Graphing NGSS MS-PS4-3 by Mata Math and Science

Grades: 6-9 | Subjects: General Science, Physical Science, Engineering

Hybrid Learning I DNA Fingerprinting Drag and Drop by The Wright Classroom Store

Grades: 7-12 | Subjects: Science, Biology, Forensics 

Bonus! STEM Decor for Your Classroom

Set the tone for your science classes from the minute your students walk in the door with STEAM-themed classroom decor! This resource takes the stress out of classroom decorating by making it quick and easy. 

​​Science Bulletin Board – Famous Quotes – Middle School – STEM by Teaching With Potential

Grades: 5-12 | Subjects: General Science, Physical Science

For more classroom decoration inspiration, you can also check out these 15 classroom decor and bulletin board resources for science-themed ideas or decor that helps with classroom management.

Still in search of STEM resources and activities for your classes? Filter for your exact grade and specific STEM subject on TPT in order to find more STEAM resources to teach and interact with your science students.