What is LearnStorm? Teachers and students share their appreciation for Khan Academy’s classroom tool

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What is LearnStorm? Teachers and students share their appreciation for Khan Academy’s classroom tool

Hey Teachers! Have you heard of LearnStorm? Wondering what LearnStorm is? LearnStorm is a classroom tool that combines growth–mindset activities and lesson-aligned practice to drive mastery of core academic skills, motivate classrooms, and build students’ confidence.

LearnStorm is the world’s only classroom engagement tool that both drives skill mastery AND gets kids dancing — and it’s FREE for you and your students! Read on to hear what students and teachers love about LearnStorm and how you can sign your class up today.

LearnStorm is a popular classroom tool among teachers

One thing is for certain — teachers love LearnStorm and highly recommend it as a great motivational tool for students. Beyond student motivation, teachers have discovered LearnStorm is an excellent resource for differentiation, community building, and college readiness. To hear more teacher experiences, watch LaToya’s story or Carmen’s story as they share how impressed they are with Khan Academy’s free classroom tool.

LearnStorm has a big impact on mastery learning

One of the biggest benefits of LearnStorm is the mastery-based technology built into it. LearnStorm focuses on skill levels up, so the progress you celebrate as a class will represent true progress toward mastery of skills. The LearnStorm tracker will visually show your students how their individual efforts contribute to class goals, without singling out any individual who is struggling.

Students share what they love about LearnStorm

In addition to teachers loving this tool, students also appreciate the impact it has on their learning. Students and teachers report a boost in their self-confidence and sense of community in the classroom after using LearnStorm.

LearnStorm will bring your class together to work on a shared goal and act as a strong motivator for your students. Listen to teachers and students from Pine Hill Middle School talk about their experience with LearnStorm and how effective it was for their learning.

Bring the joy of LearnStorm to your class!

Whether your students are completing assignments or practicing skills as part of a course mastery goal, you can use LearnStorm to track their skill progress. Give LearnStorm a try to motivate your students and help them celebrate their progress and mastery all year long.

Try LearnStorm today!

Learn more about Khan Academy’s free LearnStorm tracker and how to implement it in your classroom.