How Cody Moxam Studies: Tips for Life Science Majors

Life science is a complex field, which means that students who have chosen it as their area of study have a lot of work before them. If you are a life science major in college or university, how are you supposed to go about absorbing a vast amount of information in the short periods between exams? Every day you are learning new terminology, processes, concepts, and phenomena. It’s a lot to pack into your brain—but life science students like Cody Moxam know that you can ace your classes with proper diligence. Here are a few tips for studying:

Figure out what kind of learner you are

Before you begin learning anything, it’s critical to understand how you learn. There are several different categories of learners—sometimes four, seven, or eight, depending on who you ask—and these categories can help you determine how you process information best. Learning Styles Online lists seven: … Read more

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Lining pipes with rubber for protection


Many industries use a pipe system to transport non-liquid materials. In the agricultural industry, dried corn kernels are often moved via piping, chutes and flumes. Coal, limestone and other minerals are often transported from point A to point B in the same manner.

The downfall of moving such materials is the damage they can do to the lining of pipes and chutes. The hard, jagged edges can erode the metal linings through constant movement. Thousands of bits of hard material with many more thousands of jagged edges all scrape along the inner walls of pipes. Over time, the tens of thousands of gouges affect the strength of the piping.

When the linings become too thin and weak due to erosion, the pipes can fail and will need to be replaced. Anyone in business knows that replacement of a transit system is costly. These costs climb higher when production downtime during … Read more

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