What You Need to Consider for a Solid Conservatory Roof

You will find adverts for solid conservatory roofs in your local newspaper, on billboards in town, and on vans of local installer’s who work in your area, but how can you decide if the right choice for your home is a solid conservatory roof? And how do you find the best agency to carry out the installation for you?

Here we have compiled the things you need to consider when you need to choose an installer for fitting your solid conservatory roof.

1. Is the Solid Conservatory Roof a Refurbishment or a New-build?

The engineering and design behind systems for solid conservatory roofs give you roofs that are light in weight. This allows you to easily refurbish an old conservatory, besides letting you build a new roof conservatory with tiles.

This refurbishment, which is also called retrofitting, allows homeowners to transform their older conservatory that was too hot to use …

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