Exposing Secret Airplane Safety Features

Aviationstop.com: Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Service Bulletin  14-11-03: Wing Skin to Spar Rivet Wear

If you get nervous about flying, you aren’t alone. Whether you worry about the aircraft rivets suddenly popping loose or a bird crash landing into the windshield, there are hundreds of what-ifs that may keep you from enjoying your flight. To help ease your mind on the next trip, here’s a look at some of the secret airplane safety fixtures that in plain sight during your flight.

1. Mounted Yellow Hooks

These may not be easily visible, but there will be a number of yellow hooks placed on the wings of the plan. These are anchor ropes. Passengers are able to use ropes strung along these lines to pull themselves across the wing in the event of a water landing. The hooks and ropes are also used to tether the life rafts to the airplane as passengers are boarding the rafts.

2. No Flammable Materials

If the cabin loses pressure, … Read more

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