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FFA members can earn degrees as they progress through the phases of their management, tutorial and profession expertise growth.

Between the opinion of a biographer of Pope Francis, that his Vatican biography does not list that degree and that the claimed college does not seem to claim him as an alumnus, it is clear that Pope Francis does not have a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires. There are a number of potential degree and certificate levels. You will need to determine one that is right for you. We provide details about each of those potential degree and certificates applications. This lets you choose one that means that you can pursue your profession goals.

Once I started a program a bit of over 10 years being a working illustrator, I was very keenly conscious of what I wanted and wished to get out of a program … Read more

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Styles of Early Education

Choosing a school for your child is vital for his or her growth. There are different styles of education that may suit your youngster better than a traditional school. Here are a few to consider.

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Perhaps the most popular style of education, Montessori enriches the learning process with hands-on experiences. At Redmond Preschool, your child will also learn lifestyle skills such as gardening and cooking. Montessori education usually exposes children to a wide array of topics from music, math, and geography in a holistic way. Students in the Montessori model stay with the same teacher for three years, so he or she gets to know the needs of your student.


Steiner or Waldorf schools aim to develop the child’s social skills and imagination before involving them in strictly cognitive pursuits. Before the age of seven, they will play, learn dance, create art, and develop language skills. Learning … Read more

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