Every November, American citizens head to the polls to elect, or reelect, government representatives at the local, state, and federal levels. While the act of voting may seem pretty straightforward, the history behind America’s democratic process and how the government works is complex.

Whether you’re looking for Election Day kindergarten activities or getting ready for the politics unit in your high school social studies class, use these activities and lessons to teach your students about voting, elections, and the government. From interactive note-taking activities to units, there are plenty of creative ways to teach students about these important topics and to help them become active and engaged citizens in the future.

Election Activities and Lessons for Your Classroom

Voting and elections are an essential part of American democracy. Check out these lessons and activities to help students understand the history and the fundamentals of the election process. 

Election Printable Activity

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Note: This article contains references to suicide and mass shootings. If it’s better for you to avoid those topics right now, check out one of our other articles.

I was on a walk last weekend and stopped to chat with a neighbor. She asked what we were giving my 17-month-old son for Christmas this year, and I told her that a miniature cutting board and toddler-friendly chopper made the list.

“A kitchen set? For a boy?” she asked. I could tell what she was thinking by the way her eyebrows shot up. Since I know her well enough to joke with her, I jumped in before she could.

“Domestic skills are important for boys too, Marnie!” I chided her, smiling.

She laughed, and we talked about how “rules” about kids’ toys have changed since her children were young. She conceded that maybe it would have been good to let

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