There is much talk about bees and why they are so important to the survival of the humans. People like those at Project Honey Bees are even donating money from the sale of their bee jewlery to ensure that more research can be conducted into the best ways of repopulating various bee species. But why are these little insects so important? And should you be doing more to help? 

What Makes Bees So Special?

To you, bees might be nothing more than a buzzing insect that appears in the spring and summer months. But they are much more important than that. In fact, bees are one of the most important pollinators on Earth. They, along with other insects and many birds, are responsible for the survival of various plants that we and other animals need to survive. 

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Every November, American citizens head to the polls to elect, or reelect, government representatives at the local, state, and federal levels. While the act of voting may seem pretty straightforward, the history behind America’s democratic process and how the government works is complex.

Whether you’re looking for Election Day kindergarten activities or getting ready for the politics unit in your high school social studies class, use these activities and lessons to teach your students about voting, elections, and the government. From interactive note-taking activities to units, there are plenty of creative ways to teach students about these important topics and to help them become active and engaged citizens in the future.

Election Activities and Lessons for Your Classroom

Voting and elections are an essential part of American democracy. Check out these lessons and activities to help students understand the history and the fundamentals of the election process. 

Election Printable Activity

Election Printables by

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