Why Should We Save the Honeybee?

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There is much talk about bees and why they are so important to the survival of the humans. People like those at Project Honey Bees are even donating money from the sale of their bee jewlery to ensure that more research can be conducted into the best ways of repopulating various bee species. But why are these little insects so important? And should you be doing more to help? 

What Makes Bees So Special?

To you, bees might be nothing more than a buzzing insect that appears in the spring and summer months. But they are much more important than that. In fact, bees are one of the most important pollinators on Earth. They, along with other insects and many birds, are responsible for the survival of various plants that we and other animals need to survive. 

Without these pollinators, various plants would simply die off and with them the animals that depend on them as a food source. This would have a knock-on effect and could eventually lead to global food shortages and the death of millions. As you can see, bees are very special indeed. So what can we, as individuals, do to help them? 

What Can You Do to Help Bees?

You might assume that there is nothing that you can do as an individual, but you might be surprised at the small ways in which you can do your bit. In fact, there are many ways you can help to ensure the survival of these most important of insects. 

To understand the ways in which we can help, it might be useful to know why bees need our help in the first place. Human behavior has had a negative impact on bee species around the world. From the use of pesticides that affects their health to the development of land for commercial and residential properties that have led to a loss of habitat, bees are under threat everywhere. As well as this, pollution has contributed to global warming, which has led to rising temperatures and changes in seasonal flower blooms, further affecting bee populations all over the world. 

By creating your own bee friendly yard, you will be doing your bit to help the survival of the bees. Planting a variety of flowering plants will attract local bees to your yard and will ensure they have a pesticide-free source of food. A wildflower patch is perfect as it is low maintenance and bees love these flowers. 

As well as food, you can make sure that any visiting bees have a source of water by hanging a dripping bottle or placing small containers of water in various spots. Be sure to check these containers regularly as water can dry up quickly in warm weather. 

You could also provide nesting sites for bees by either making, or buying, a bee hotel. These “hotels” consist of tubes made from things like bamboo canes, reeds, or other hollow stems placed inside a rectangular wooden frame with a pointed roof. If you are making one yourself, you can simply tie the tubes together with string and hang it in your yard. This will provide solitary bees with a safe and secure place to nest and lay their eggs. 


Bees are one of the most important pollinators that we as humans have. But they are under threat. A loss of habitat, global warming, and pesticide use has caused populations to plummet. It is important that we do our bit to save them, and this could be by making our own bee friendly back yard with plants to provide a food source or with bee hotels that solitary bees can nest in.