Goal Setting for High School Students: Tips & Lessons

As students grow, so do their responsibilities. When students transition from primary to secondary, they increasingly take charge and set the course of their learning and goal setting. This happens the most in high school, and for good reason. 

Read on for why goal setting for high school students is important, tips for teaching student goal setting, and classroom resources to help you do it.

Why is Goal Setting Important for Students?

Goal setting is important because it gives students the opportunity to assert their growing independence, manage their own tasks and the emotions that accompany them, and take the wheel in driving their learning. It’s also developmentally important for students to increase their self-management and self-awareness over time, and goal setting can help build those social-emotional learning skills. This is especially important in high school as students look ahead to adulthood. 

However, goal setting is not something that students

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24 Easy Scholarships To Apply For Right Now!

Paying for college isn’t easy, but scholarships can help keep students out of debt. Unfortunately, many of them have strict eligibility requirements, and/or the application process is very time-consuming. The whole process can be pretty discouraging. That’s why we’ve put together this list of easy scholarships to apply for. With just a little effort, applicants could have some extra cash for school! 

Tips for Scholarship Applications

Before you dive into our list of easy scholarships to apply for, check out these tips to help you get started. 

Apply for Everything

OK, maybe not everything, but it’s best to apply for scholarships early and often. When the criteria is simple, these scholarship committees will receive many applications. So, get them in as early as possible and move on to the next one. 

Create a New Email Account

When applying for these easy scholarships, applicants are usually opted in to mailing

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What To Do With A Student –


by Terry Heick

Say you’ve got some students. 

Two or 122. Doesn’t matter–they’re there. What should you do with them? Oh, lots. There is a lot to consider.

First, you have to see them. Really see them for who they are, where they are. Not as test results, pending adults, nor as vessels for filling, or humanoids to push towards some goal they may not understand in either theory or application. You can’t see them in terms of gender, grade level, intelligence, compliance–you have to see that student. Who ‘are’ they? Where are they ‘from’? What do they think about themselves? About other people? About their own potential and their future? What motivates them? What do they–more than anything else–want?

Then you accept them. Accept everything without judgment because it has nothing to do with you, and probably less to do with them that you’d think. In your

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The Best STEM Gifts For School-Age Kids, According To Education Experts

If you’re out to raise the next generation of great thinkers, problem solvers and innovators, so-called “STEM” toys — a genre of toys and games that has risen in popularity over the past several years — might just provide the foundation to do so.

STEM is an academic discipline that groups together science, technology, engineering and mathematics. According to Andrew B. Raupp, executive director for STEM.org, a privately held educational research organization, it’s most beneficial to introduce some of these elements to kids as early as possible.

“Implementing STEM approaches in early education not only can help students perform better on standardized tests and in careers, but an early start in STEM can also have additional benefits that may help reduce inequities in the workforce later on,” Raupp told HuffPost.

It’s not just children who should be involved STEM-based play, Raupp said. He’s a proponent of lifelong learning

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This Month at DE: December

December is full of exciting events and holidaysfrom Christmas and Hanukkah to Computer Education Week and International Mountain Daythat highlight our phenomenal world! Invite your students to see just how phenomenal it truly is through these engaging and timely learning resources.

Albert Whitman & Co Stories

Grades K-5

When Albert Whitman was founded more than a century ago, their goal was simple: make good books that kids want to read. Today, they continue this tradition, guided by a deeper mission to create stories that also educate and empower children. Together, we can help children become global citizens, ones who seek to understand themselves and the world around them. Our latest additions to this collection include holiday stories:


Grades K-12

In this DE Original Series, join

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