What are the 5 must have Apps for Every CBSE Student

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Studies these days are no longer confined to only books. If a student wants to have an extra knowledge about a particular topic or a subject or want to have a better understanding of it, he can refer to a number of reference books available in the market. But with the development of the technology and consistent promotion of the Digital India initiative by our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi there are a number of reference materials made available through various applications. The students can just download these apps into their or their parent’s mobile phones and can refer them as and when they need.


There are a plethora of apps which claim to be helpful in studies and revision. We have shortlisted best few apps which every CBSE student must have to have an extra edge over his peers.

  • ePathshala

The joint initiative of Ministry of HRD, Government of India and the NCERT, is a one stop destination for all educational e-resources such as the NCERT textbooks of all the classes from I to XII, audio and video study materials, periodicals and a wide range of print and non-print study materials. The application can be accessed from the cellphone and also from the desktop or the laptop.


  • MyCBSEguide

Many of the students credit their success to this particular application. MyCBSEguide promises to provide complete learning solutions to CBSE students belonging from class 3rd to class 12th encompassing almost all the popular subjects in its ambit. The app offers free access to the CBSE syllabus, sample question papers, quick and reliable revision notes, NCERT textbook solutions and chapter wise arranged important questions for the students to refer.


  • ScoreMax Quiz

ScoreMax quiz app gives a different angle to the education. It helps the students learn in a fun and entertaining manner. Playing and winning makes one’s mind more alert and active and instill a new sense of confidence in him.

  • Vocab24: #1 Vocabulary Builder

Though many students are fluent in English, there are some who struggle with common grammatical mistakes. Having a command over this language isn’t enough these days. Students are required to enhance their vocabulary to fare better in their English exams. This app helps one learn new words by providing newspaper editorials and daily vocabulary quizzes. It offers a unique feature where it provides the users with ten new words daily with Hindi meaning, synonym and antonyms to learn it better and easily.

  • Toppr

Toppr isanother education platform for classes 8 to 12. It builds technology-driven products that leverage the internet. They create personal learning products that are suited to each student.

  • Extramarks Smart Study

Scoring well isn’t enough. A student needs to try to score higher every time. Extramarks Smart Study offers CBSE students a unique digital learning experience using three-prongedapproachesto learning, practicing and testing one’s knowledge. The game based learning materials gives an interactive and engaging learning session to the students.

With the introduction of many such helpful mobile applications for the CBSE students, knowledge is literally at their fingertips. These apps are proving to be the new learning buddies for the students.