Announcing a Special Addition this Valentine’s Day

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February is the time we celebrate Valentine’s Day and all the romantic notions it brings to mind.  As an educator, you might want your class to focus on more than hearts and flowers and look behind the scenes at the story that propelled St. Valentine to global prominence.  But that can be problematic.  When you research the subject, there is so much speculation about his life versus his legend, you might find it easier to stick to tales of candy hearts and chocolate kisses.

One of my favorite memories is of the cute little pop up valentine cards that were passed out when I was in elementary school.  Valentine’s Day was always tough for me because my folks never sent me to school with a stack of cards to hand out to all the kids in my class.  We were either too poor or my grandparents were too indifferent to provide them.  Spare change for frivolities like greeting cards that had very little value beyond that one day was a trifling compared to putting food on the table.  Plus, being handy with scissors and glue, I could usually scrape together a card good enough for the teacher, and she was the only one I wanted to impress.

Today, I’ve put those tough times behind me, but I still don’t splurge on Valentine’s Day.  I have a kind and loving husband who always sends me those boxed roses with sweaty chocolates that have little to do with love.  But I appreciate the gesture and look forward to our evening out.  This year I found a shop online called Lulu and I’ve fallen in love with the soft, sexy silhouettes of the apparel they sell.  I can’t wait to put on my new maxi dress with the cute block heels I bought recently.  I used a lulu coupon from Groupon Coupons and ordered my flaming red dress just in time for a romantic weekend in the mountains, far away from the hustle and bustle of the class room or the city.  He’ll be surprised to see me dressed so softly and suggestively.  And I can’t wait to tell him that after years of trying, frustrating mishaps and health scares – we are going to be parents at last.