Is Accounting the right Career Path for You?

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The accounting profession is one of the oldest careers in the world, and there are even documents from Mesopotamia that show that accounting was practiced that far back in history. Accounting is defined as a way to assess the financial health of a business or organization by looking into its assets, liability, and cash flow. There are many different types of accounting you can go into, these branches include taxes, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as bookkeeping. These jobs are split between many accountants when it comes to working at a big business but many small businesses often only have one accountant that does all of these jobs. With the right motivation, determination and smarts you can become an amazing accountant, here are a couple of reasons why an accounting career could be right for you.

High Demand for Accountants

Since all businesses need accountants there is always a high demand for them to ensure that businesses continue to run smoothly, this ensures that you will be able to hold a stable career in the industry. Its projected that in the next couple of years more businesses will be hiring for accounting positions as well. There’s expected to be at least a 10% growth in the industry from 2016 to 2026, that being the fastest growth in all occupations.

Lots of Growth Opportunities

Although you may start your career as an entry-level associate the growth opportunities for this field are plentiful. You can actually gain career advancement through on the job performance as well as receiving additional education and certificates at an accounting school atlanta ga and many more institutions. Accountants are also able to easily start their own businesses because of the high demand for their services, most often starting their own accounting firms and becoming their own bosses.

Flexibility and Earning Potential

Full-time accountants receive great benefits that include vacation time, healthcare, retirement plans and other benefits as well as being able to make enough money to support themselves and their family. The national median salary is $37,040, while accountants are able to make up to at least $120,000 in their field working 40 hours a week. This profession also offers you the flexibility to be able to work anywhere in the world that you would like because there are so many work opportunities. Unlike with other fields where you have to find an area where people in a chosen field can soar, accountants are needed in every business or organization.

Accounting offers a clear career path for individuals who enjoy practical skills that involve crunching numbers and can be great for individuals who are just naturally good with math. There are lots of growth opportunities in this field to ensure a prosperous and potentially satisfying career where you can help businesses in all industries in a number of different ways. If you love numbers and happen to be a motivated and determined individual starting a career in accounting could be a great choice for you.