School Does Not Guarantee Success

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Previously, the translation of success was not from a measure of wealth or position that was successfully achieved, but success was being able to live independently, being able to be yourself, not to burden even to the detriment of others. Successful people are people whose existence is full of independence.

Many people succeed without going to school, which means not taking formal education. But many successful people also go through formal school. Perhaps more people have failed miserably precisely because they did not have the opportunity to receive formal education.

Studying in school does not guarantee a person’s success in determining the size of being able to work, have self-esteem and so on. Going to a top, exclusive, high-paying school does not mean anything if the individual does not have a good ethos of learning. Or go to school just to look for status, looking for a diploma. Entering formal school is not enough just to come, sit, and be quiet.

We cannot deny, the positivistic all-inclusive measure of formal education causes the output to be shaped like statistical data; the truth as if the same as a row of numbers. Formalistic orientation which is too dominant in formal education causes school institutions to lose their intrinsic meaning, which is a place for planting seeds of intellect, morality, and aesthetics. As a result, many formal education graduates are good at calculating, but low in competitiveness, easily discouraged, easy to suffer, easily emotional, easy to damage.

School Does Not Guarantee Success

Many formal education graduates are capable, skilled and moral. He has certain abilities as a work of copyright that on the one hand is able to support himself, and also useful for others. But this type of human being can also be born from self-taught results even though with insignificant numbers. In fact, many people who are unfortunate to seize the opportunity to study in formal school life are chaotic, damaging themselves and others.

Although formal schooling cannot guarantee success in life, at least by going to school today it is still quite feasible as an instrument of the intellectual life of the nation (though not very satisfying).

At the very least, by going to school, individuals can get a number of important things:

  • First, the addition of knowledge as a basis for insight and knowledge.
  • Second, obtain the basics of thinking that are logical, systematic, and methodological, so that it can help guide the person in life.
  • Third, sociologically, individuals are exposed to social interactions where they can learn about similarities and differences, consensus in conflict, permissiveness and filtering, and so on.
  • Fourth, however, in the format of a society shifting from being agrarian to industrial, it has not respected the individual based on his work, capabilities, credibility, and the like. Society still considers aspects of symbolic attributes such as formal education background.

Whether or not someone’s success depends on the creative process he goes through. So, stay in school but you have to be creative.