Hungry Doe Illustrations

By Roldens Paulynice, MBA – Doctoral Student in Increased Schooling Management at NOVA Southeastern College.

Twenty years of ANC rule with its evictions, its disconnections, its lies and all its greediness and violence has come to mean an abusive relationship with us. Twenty years after apartheid we stay like pigs within the mud, our youngsters die of diarrhœa, we are compelled into transit camps at gun level, the police beat and shoot us in the streets and the assassins kill us with impunity. If we rise up and demand that our humanity is recognised we are faraway from the housing list and placed on the death listing.

The toughest thing for me to swallow is that Christians have allowed this bloody, merciless goddess who sacrificed her personal people in Babylon to Molec, earlier than proclaiming her personal godhood – to wiggle in to Christ’s ressurection and even having it called …

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Hungry Doe Illustrations (2)

First day of college. Early dismissal for non-District seventy five kindergarten college students only. Partial college time for prekindergarten public school students.

Within the first half of 1946, schools had been fairly despite the introduction of latest guidelines of conduct by the Highschool’s principal who had simply finished. After the riots of seven August, involving injury to highschool premises and assaults on Prefects and White members of workers, Dr. R.H W. Shepherd, wrote that the workers had no intimation of disaffection – and this regardless of the occasions of the previous year! (South African Outlook, 1946).

I posted the response above because I didn’t wish to diminish or go headlong into arguing about what she posted as Mothopeng syang. what I was doing was to maintain up on monitor about the fact that this 1976 June sixteenth Revolution was leaderless and people who were claiming false victories were charlatans, and …

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