Vision Board Ideas for Students

At the start of every new year, conversations often turn to one thing: goal-setting. If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to help your students set clear intentions, why not try a vision board? Vision boards are a powerful tool to help students visualize their academic and personal goals. The visuals on the board are meant to serve as a reminder of what the future can look and feel like, if your students take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

Ready to get started? Learn how to make a vision board in class, and discover some vision board ideas for students below. 

How to Make a Vision Board for Students 

Before students can begin creating their vision boards, they’ll need to first define their goals and areas of growth. After all, if they don’t know where they want to go, they won’t be able to visualize the path

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How To Set Up a Sound Wall in Your Classroom

All the conversations happening about literacy learning and the science of reading definitely encourage teachers and schools to look carefully at their instructional practices—and, often, to explore new ones that help kids. One of these is the sound wall. Check out these fantastic resources to get you started using one in your classroom.

What is a sound wall?

This student resource shows the 44 phonemes (sounds) in the English language. It includes consonant sounds and vowel sounds and the various ways to spell each sound.

How is a sound wall different from a word wall?

A sound wall is not a word wall. These two resources are different because:

  • To use a word wall, one must be able to read the words, so kids often need teacher help. A sound wall encourages independent use. It helps kids progress from what they can do—say sounds—to what they are learning to do—spell
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