What To Expect From A TeachThought PD PBL Workshop –

by Drew Perkins, Director of TeachThought PD

Inquiry is one of my passions. In fact, I view it as a sort of superpower that enables us to navigate the kinds of diverse set of scenarios and problems that our modern world continually throws our way. That’s why all of our work with schools and teachers is through the lens of inquiry. To take it a step further, that’s why the TeachThought PD project-based learning model starts with and emphasizes what we call, ‘Rich Inquiry‘ as a lever to unlock deeper learning and critical thinking.

Because inquiry is such an important feature in our project-based learning workshops and support, participating teachers engage in multiple inquiry exercises and activities that we believe are impactful tools both in and outside of PBL. We want to model best practice so we invite workshop participants to enter into the learning process at

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Happy New Year, Teachers: Resources for the New Year

Welcome to a new year. You may have noticed that TPT got a fresh new look. We’ve changed our name and our logo, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to you – the teachers. So welcome back to TPT, where educators thrive. 

Below you’ll find engaging new year activities to get your students starting the year off right, strategies for organizing your time and classroom, and new ways to use TPT in the new year.

Bookmark this guide or share it with your peers who could use a little pep to kickoff 2023 (who couldn’t, really?).

Getting Students Excited for a New Year

The new year is a natural time to set intentions and goals for what you want to accomplish. Help your students do just that with these insights and resources that inspire students to set goals, create a vision board, and celebrate the new year!

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