3 Interesting Facts About EMTs

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Emergency Medical Technicians (or EMTs) perform the all-important task of taking care of people who are hurt at the site of a collision or other such event, and they also care for such patients during their ride in an emergency vehicle (such as an ambulance) to a hospital or other care facility. Here are three interesting facts about EMTs you may not already know. 

There Are Different Levels of EMT Training 

You may have heard the term “EMT-Basic” to refer to an EMT. This term simply denotes the most basic level of training that an EMT can have. There are also EMT-A’s (EMT-Advanced) and EMT-P’s (EMT-Paramedic). EMT-A’s must have about two times (and EMT-P’s about five times) the hours of training an EMT-B has. Of course, EMT-P’s are also simply called paramedics. 

EMT Training Is Offered Online 

While EMT training is available at in-person classes that are organized by various community colleges, medical facilities and other organizations, EMT certification texas online is also offered. This allows the opportunity to become certified to those who live too far away from a facility that offers the training and also provides a more convenient method of learning. 

Many Firefighters Are EMTs 

While it is typically not required that firefighters be trained as paramedics (which, as mentioned above, requires much more training than that required for EMT-B’s), many of them are required to be trained as EMTs. This makes sense because firefighters, being first responders, are often at the scene of a collision or other incident faster than almost anyone else and can therefore administer care early on for those who need it. 

The work of an EMT is very important and can literally save lives that are in danger. If your life has been protected by an EMT (or if you simply know one), be sure to thank them for the way they serve their communuty.