4 Methods That Get You in Problem with the IELTS Writing Tasks

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If you are preparing for the IELTS and you want to know some don’ts which may get you in trouble, you should go through this article, it will help you save your score by not doing the usual mistakes. Numerous students get in a difficult situation with their IELTS Writing mistakes for reasons about which they don’t have any idea. Since they don’t understand a few things are not worthy in IELTS letters, expositions or reports. You can also join the IELTS training center in Dubai for the IELTS preparation. Here are various ways you can get in a tough situation with your IELTS test:

Don’t Use Informal English in the IELTS Writing Tasks

When you are taking the speaking test, you can go with informal English but when it comes to writing tasks, it isn’t a good option. Despite the fact that few out of every odd casual word gets punished, the more formal your style is, the better your score will be. To show the distinction, casual articulations, for example, “heaps of/huge amounts of” can be supplanted with “many” or “much” and the word “tired of” should be supplanted with “became annoyed” and more. If you are taking the classes at the IELTS Training center in Dubai or some other institute, you will be guided about these writing mistakes to improve your score.

Don’t Use the Contractions

If you have no idea about what contractions are, then see the example and use “it’s” rather than “it is”, “I’ve” rather than “I have”, “we’re” rather than “we are” (these are just a couple of models). Constrictions are a terrible, awful thing to use in your essay while taking the test, they don’t spare you much time and can cost you checks. You should include “Should not” in your writing task rather than “shouldn’t” or use  “would not” rather than “wouldn’t” for the better test results. I hope these examples will let you write the words in full rather than the contractions. You may also join the IELTS preparation in Dubai for the better test results.

Do Not Use The Slang

Slang is not the way to be written in the IELTS task as it will through a negative impression of your test. Slangs can only be used with your friends in the informal chats. You must keep these slangs out of your IELTS articles, letters or reports. Join any institute of the IELTS preparation in Dubai, IELTS as well. When writing your task try not o use the slang”dunno” instead use the proper word “don’t know” or don’t use “gonna” instead use the word “going to”. Implement these tips and improve your IELTS Score by joining the IELTS Training center in Dubai.

Avoid Using SMS-like Spelling

We as a whole are composing SMS messages, talking on Instagram and other social media platforms and such, and there is a lot of shorter approaches to compose longer words. When we are writing an SMS or text, we write the shortcuts as “u” instead of the proper word “you” or “IMHO” rather than “IN My Humble Opinion”. None of these can show up in your IELTS test, except if you are explicitly attempting to fail and get a lower score than you merit. You have to compose the full word and spell it effectively, period.

You insist that you should go through the complete article and implement these tips to increase your score or you may join the IELTS Training center in Dubai for the IELTS preparation in Dubai. Good Luck!