4 Skills for Toddlers To Have

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While all children are different and develop at different rates, there are a few general skills that most toddlers should be learning. Toddlers are often defined as those who are between the ages of one and three years old. If you are concerned about your child’s development in any area, it is always a good idea to speak to their teachers or a health care professional. Here are four skills for toddlers to have. 

1. Social Skills

It is important to begin establishing social skills early in life, whether this is done at home, through a social group for young children, or at St Augustine preschool. Some social skills include communicating with people, sharing with their peers, and beginning to understand non-verbal cues. 

2. Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Fine and gross motor skills should also begin or continue to develop around this age. Motor skills include walking, climbing, brushing teeth, and tying shoelaces. Properly learning these skills helps ensure that the child will be able to do things on their own without getting hurt. 

3. Language Skills

Toddlers should also be focusing on learning how to speak their primary language. Often, this begins by practicing individual words and then forming sentences to express a feeling or desire for something. Language skills are closely intertwined with social skills, as the child’s peer group begins to communicate verbally with each other rather than through non-verbal cues. 

4. Self-Regulation Skills

Self-regulation skills are important for managing different emotions and feelings, including stress and disappointment. Learning how to be patient is another form of self-regulation that children can begin learning early. Children often learn these skills by watching how the adults in their lives respond to stressors, so make sure to set a good example when you are around the child. 

These four skills are important for toddlers to begin learning.