4 Ways To Learn Coding

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Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs. 

Coding is the act of writing down a set of instructions to a computer or a machine commanding it to perform in a certain manner.

In this technological era, we are moving into, learning how to code will help us appreciate how things work.

There are many reasons why one should learn how to code. It helps you notice business ideas and execute them, it boosts your creativity and math skills, among others.

The good thing about coding is that you don’t need to switch your current career path, the skills and experience of programming will look good on your resume and will open great doors for you.

All you need to have is a computer and the willfulness to learn. In this article, I shall give you 5 ways in which you can start learning to code today. 

Teach yourself to code

Teaching yourself is the most underrated yet very efficient way to learn how to program a computer. 

Many high-end programmers have taught themselves coding. 

10 years ago the sources and materials you need to learn to program were few and unreliable. 

This has significantly changed as the internet is filled with tons of information, sources, and free courses that teach how to code. 

The greatest benefit of teaching yourself how to code is that it is free. Don’t we all love free things! Getting a computer science degree might cost so much more and leave you with so much money in student loans.

There are so many online communities where people teach themselves how to code, gather and motivate each other, help solve technicalities and so much more. 

However, it can be a bit challenging when you have no idea where to begin. This is why you need to take some time and read through beginner material to coding. 

Self Taught programming can be a good tipping factor to a job promotion. If programming is something you’d want to monetize, you can become a freelancer developer at many freelancing websites as the job is in demand.

Coding School/University

The second way to learn how to code is by going to school. 

The programming industry is growing, if it reaches a time when many people can code, the only thing that will separate them will be a computer science degree. 

Chances are high that a programmer with a computer science degree gets employed faster than a self-taught programmer. 

This, however, does not mean that the knowledge and experience they have is more than the other. Some self-taught programmers write very clean codes than one with a computer science degree. 

It is only that high-tech companies prefer to employ a programmer/developer with academic certification. 

On the brighter side, many academies offer online coding programs and certifications. However, they vary in quality and dispensation of the course content. 

To help you find the best coding school to enroll at you may make a stop and visit US-reviews to see online programming courses academies. Read through the feedback given and gauge what academy best suits your needs or offers the type of programming language you’d want to learn. 

Code Bootcamp

A coding Bootcamp is a program that teaches programming skills. They can accommodate beginner programmers or those who want to advance certain skills. 

For the best coding boot camp experience, it is better to combine self-taught programming skills and enroll in a boot camp to get better or polish a certain skill you want. 

To be able to transition well as a self-taught developer into any aspect of computer programming, you will need a coding boot camp to help you with that. 

They are reliable, efficient, and available for anyone. 


Another way to learn code is by hiring a tutor. Tutoring will fall under two categories; Home/in-person tutoring and online tutoring. This will involve you hiring someone to teach you. 

You can choose to be taught the basics of computer programming and pick up the rest by yourself or you learn the basics by yourself and have someone tutor you on the most complex parts or languages. 

Concluding remarks:

Regardless of the option, you take to learn to program, it is important to know that it shall not be as easy as it seems. 

You need to carefully choose and decide on a programming language to take, practice and practice, broaden your understanding, stay motivated knowing it will take some time to be a good programmer.