Home sperm test: what is it?

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The home sperm test is a kit which is meant to be preventive. The diagnostic process for a man can be psychologically difficult to undertake. Since most men find it difficult to come to a laboratory, the objective of the home test kit is to allow everyone to perform a sperm test at home in complete discretion and privacy, but also to encourage couples to quickly contact health professionals in case of inconclusive results. The spermcheck fertility home test is the first male fertility self-test on the market. By determining the concentration of sperm cells in the seminal fluid or semen, the test reveals whether the sperm count is normal or low. This means that anyone can test their fertility at home in just a few minutes.

How does the sperm test work?

To perform the test, the semen must be brought into contact with a solution that can determine the concentration of SP10 protein contained in the cells. The more sperm the collected semen  contains, the higher the SP10 concentration. This is measured in the test by reading the graduated developer. After seven minutes, the test shows you your results. 

Practical advice for reliable results

It is recommended that you collect a semen sample after at least two days of abstinence. The collected semen is mixed with a transfer device with a solution, to prepare a sample that is placed on a small plate. The result appears within seven minutes, like with a pregnancy test. The test is negative if a band appears. This means that the concentration of spermatozoa is less than 15 million per milliliter, which is the WHO standard above which men are able to procreate naturally with their partner. In the case of a negative result, you should go to a specialist for a complete fertility check. The test is positive if two bands appear. In this case, the sperm count is normal.

Cost of the home fertility test for men

A fertility test for men is a self-test, to be done at home, giving results in only seven minutes and having a reliability of 98% according to its manufacturer. It is sold online, in pharmacies or in supermarkets at a price of less than 39 euro. You can buy a home sperm test kit easily on the internet and have it delivered to your home discreetly.