Learning To Foster Relationships Among People

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Fostering good relationships among fellow human beings is an important thing done by everyone. It is so important to foster this good relationship, because we are social beings who can not possibly and can live alone without the help of others. There are several ways to foster good relationships that apply to the public in everyday life.

Learn to appreciate

Basically everyone wants to be respected, regardless of whether he is a person of rank or not, poor or rich, fellow religion or no religion, tribal or tribal neighbors, all want to be rewarded proportionately. But unfortunately, many people among us who do not want to appreciate others. Though appreciating others does not mean giving something of great value. For example, appreciate the opinions of others. This is very important to do in building a good relationship. If we do not want to respect others, do not expect others to appreciate us. You can learn to appreciate to your fellow human beings in daily life by visiting http://www.yadezra.net/.

Learn to Respect

Everyone always wants to be respected. Therefore, let us not respect others because they happen to have rank or position. We need to respect others, when we see others doing something good. We also need to respect people who are more or more ahead of us. Or in other words, create an atmosphere of mutual respect between us.


Helping is a noble act, for example helping someone in trouble or helping people solve their problems. Helping does not have to spend money. Therefore be a helpful person. But remember in helping do not expect a reply. Help others with sincerity. Such help before God is considered a practice of worship and reward.

Want to Understand

Attitude to understand the situation of others is basically a very commendable act. Because, people have the attitude to understand other people’s circumstances require awareness that must be grown from the deepest conscience. Therefore, in building a good relationship, we should want to understand the state of others indiscriminately. It means we must avoid indifference or indifference to those around us.

Want to Give Praise

When we see our friends excel in any field because of the results of hard and honest, then we should be willing to give praise to our friend earlier with full sincerity. Therefore, giving praise in accordance with the circumstances, meaning without artificial, will give a positive influence for our friends, even though the praise that we give it in the smallest form. Therefore, in order to foster good relationships among fellow friends, we should not be stingy to give praise.

Want to Provide Motivation

The journey of one’s life does not always go smoothly, meaning that there are times when he has problems, such as discouragement or despair and so forth, so he loses spirit, lazy, not passionate. If we have friends who experience that, then as a good friend will certainly provide motivation (encouragement), so that our friend had grown back his confidence. Therefore, in building a good relationship, we should be very clever to provide motivation, especially to friends who are experiencing a problem.

Those are some ways of building a good relationship, hopefully this article useful for all of us.