Resources for High School Civics, Government, and Politics

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There’s no better time to spark students’ interest in government and politics than election season, when the political climate provides learning opportunities for students to see the real-world applications of class topics. Fostering students’ civic knowledge not only gives them context for world news, but ultimately turns young people into informed and engaged citizens who will effectively elicit change in their communities and beyond. 

Whether you’re looking for politics and government lesson plans for high school, activities to supplement your high school civics curriculum, or current events projects to encourage student discussion, these resources will help you teach our future changemakers. 

12 High School Civics Resources

From lessons on the structures and processes of the U.S. government to discussions on current events and social issues, spark student engagement in civics with these resources.

Resources on the U.S. Constitution and government functions

United States Civics and Government Pre-Test by Samantha in Secondary

Grades: 6-10

Use this pre-assessment on the branches of government, the U.S. Constitution, governmental organization, and basic government functions to check student understanding of the content before you begin teaching.

Crash Course: Government & Politics-Viewing Guides for All Episodes (Bundle) by William Pulgarin

Grades: 8-12

These graphic organizers will help your students capture essential information while viewing videos on government and politics.

First Day Activity for Civics or Government by Let’s Cultivate Greatness

Grades: 9-12

Challenge your students to illustrate foundational concepts in civics and government in this free activity that opens up deeper discussion on their understandings, misconceptions, and values. 

Study Pack for U.S. Amendments, Worksheet & Quiz Bundle, Government Pack by Teaching Aids That Work

Grades: 9-12

Your high school students will study the U.S. Constitutional Amendments in this bundle that contains worksheets, reflection questions, and a quiz.

Constitution Scavenger Hunt | Print & Digital by Chalk Dust Diva — History – Social Science

Grades: 9-12

In this engaging Constitution scavenger hunt activity, your students will learn the rules and operations of the U.S. government.

Resources on elections, voting, and being engaged citizens

American Government and Civics: Running for Office and Engaged Citizens Bundle by Ms. Social Studies Teacher

Grades: 5-12

This bundle includes activities on elections, campaigns, and being engaged citizens. Students will learn about bias, symbolism, and propaganda and participate in a mock election activity. 

Redistricting & Gerrymandering Activity by Save our Social Studies

Grades: 9-12

Use this free activity for any government, civics, or AP Human Geography class to visually introduce redistricting and gerrymandering to students.

The Political System and Election Process PowerPoint and Guided Notes by History Gal

Grades: 9-12

From political parties and the electoral college to discussing what shapes public opinion, this lesson covers many aspects of the political system and election process.

U.S. Election Process by Holly’s Social Studies Store

Grades: 9-12

This resource includes a warmup, lecture slides, cloze notes, and activity ideas that will help your U.S. Government or AP U.S. Government students understand the process and timeline of U.S. elections.  

Voting Rights and the U.S. Constitution by Little Shop of History

Grades: 9-12

In this lesson for U.S. History or Civics, students will examine the Constitution’s language on voting rights, the expansion of voting rights in the U.S. since the founding of the nation, and limitations to voting that still exist. 

Resources to engage students in politics and current events

Voting and Why it Matters Fun Research Activity (Print and Digital) by Van Valkenburgh Educational Resources

Grades: 9-12

This research activity includes charts, graphic organizers and research links for students to explore a political issue of their choice and see how that issue compares to other demographics, ages, and political parties.

AP Language/Composition – What’s Up Wednesdays – Current Events by Schooled by Stultz

Grades: 9-12

Help your high schoolers develop a breadth of knowledge on current events with this weekly activity that has students present an article on a current event and discuss the topic with the class.

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