What Are Some Recommended Books For Children In The COVID-19 Pandemic Period?

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It is not easy to adapt to the lifestyle changes that the coronavirus pandemic has forced upon every one of us. We are separated from friends and family; we are torn from our usual lifestyle routine. Instead, fear of contracting the dreaded virus has been thrust upon us.

None has been hit, more forcefully and fatally, than the children. From the adolescents to the teenagers, all have been affected both physically and mentally. There is a need to reassure them and teach them what it takes to survive and adapt in situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Streaming movies, watching television shows, or doing some other things can help distract your kids and you from the pressures of the virus. Still, it is also smart to encourage reading as part of these activities. It will keep the kids engaged and also keep them from the screens for a while. Though watching educational channels or shows is one of the different ways of learning, reading a book goes a long way in the education of the child and the improvement of his or her IQ.

All of these said, what are the books that could help anchor the kids through the ravaging and frightening storm of the coronavirus pandemic?

1. My Hero is you- United Nations storybook

A book that is created through the efforts of the United Nations–It centers around kids from different cultures and a benevolent, flying monster. The story that the book tells is developed mainly to manage and assure the feelings of kids around the world.

2. Harry and the Wrinklies- Alan Temperly

A book about a young boy who goes to stay with his aunts after being orphaned—here, he finds himself in an adventure-filled life, a life filled with fast cars, burglars, and the others. Fun as it is, it teaches kids to relate more with their elderly relatives, know them better, and tell them their problems and issues.

3. The Moomin books- Tove Janson

The Moomin books are a series of plays that span different age groups of kids– from adolescents to teenagers. In the book, the Moomin clan find themselves in several dangerous and frightening adventures but still find themselves victorious at the end. The series help to allay the fears of kids about any impending threat and reassures them that all will be fine.

4. My Side of the Mountain- Jean Craighead George

This book is about a kid who leaves his family and goes off to live by himself. On his journey, he learns to survive—find food, make a fire, strive against the cold, and so on. The lesson to be learned in this book is how to adapt to new situations. It presents, on a platter, the rudiments of survival.

As parents, it might be challenging to get your child to read, perhaps, because of a lack of the right materials. Sites like ChildrenLearningReading.com help you to combat this challenge and leave you satisfied at the end of the day.