3 Benefits of Captives

Benefits captives provide positive results for multinational firms |  Business Insurance

Every business must carry insurance coverage to protect it against risk. For example, businesses purchase workers’ compensation, commercial property and income loss insurance. However, some risks, such as product or pollution liability, may be expensive or difficult to insure. The company can either pay exorbitant insurance premiums, forgo coverage or start its own captive insurance company.


Captives give companies greater control over their risk. For example, they control the insurance underwriting and claims management processes. The captive’s investments can also be influenced by its parent company. These companies can fully customize their policies so they avoid paying for coverage they do not need while gaining coverage in key areas. They also control their deductibles.

Reduced Costs

Captives provide companies with access to the reinsurance markets. These markets may offer coverage at lower costs. Government programs, such as terrorism insurance, may also be open to those with captives.

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3 General Skills That Look Good On a Resume

Skills for a Resume Employers Will Actually Read (With Examples!) | Robert  Half

Whether you are looking for your first job or trying to change careers, it’s important to know your skills so you can put them on your resume. Many people list specific skill sets on their resumes, and although this is wonderful if you have special skills, many jobs are looking for people with general skills. This means they are highly trainable and can be molded into model employees for the hiring company. Here are three general skills that will make you more marketable.


You should show that you can complete administrative tasks in the proper order without getting sidetracked. Being organized means that you can keep track of several important pieces of information at once, and potential employers will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to constantly remind you of things you need to accomplish. Any type of data center training is beneficial for this skill.


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