If you are preparing for the IELTS and you want to know some don’ts which may get you in trouble, you should go through this article, it will help you save your score by not doing the usual mistakes. Numerous students get in a difficult situation with their IELTS Writing mistakes for reasons about which they don’t have any idea. Since they don’t understand a few things are not worthy in IELTS letters, expositions or reports. You can also join the IELTS training center in Dubai for the IELTS preparation. Here are various ways you can get in a tough situation with your IELTS test:

Don’t Use Informal English in the IELTS Writing Tasks

When you are taking the speaking test, you can go with informal English but when it comes to writing tasks, it isn’t a good option. Despite the fact that few out of every odd casual word … Read more

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Choosing a school for your child is vital for his or her growth. There are different styles of education that may suit your youngster better than a traditional school. Here are a few to consider.

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Perhaps the most popular style of education, Montessori enriches the learning process with hands-on experiences. At Redmond Preschool, your child will also learn lifestyle skills such as gardening and cooking. Montessori education usually exposes children to a wide array of topics from music, math, and geography in a holistic way. Students in the Montessori model stay with the same teacher for three years, so he or she gets to know the needs of your student.


Steiner or Waldorf schools aim to develop the child’s social skills and imagination before involving them in strictly cognitive pursuits. Before the age of seven, they will play, learn dance, create art, and develop language skills. Learning … Read more

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