3 Ways to Make Learning History Fun

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Learning history can be fun. It’s all in the way you present the subject. Kids and adults can be inspired by stories from history if they’re told in unique and interesting ways. Check out these 3 ways you can infuse some fun into your history lessons.

Act It Out

Where’s there history, there’s drama. That’s what makes history such a good basis for theatre. With the recent success of historical musicals on Broadway, a theatre-based educational history program could be a big hit with kids and adults alike. On the other hand, you can have students write a short play based on historical events. Either way, theatre is a great way to have students engage with history.

Use Audio Visual Aids

Technology can be your best friend if you find the best ways to integrate audio visual aids into your lessons. Documentaries and historical fiction can provide students with an informative and educational experience. Likewise, podcasts may also serve a purpose in the classroom. They can be a useful homework tool. Students can listen at home, and then do an assignment based on their listening. Many love podcasts, so this should be a fun assignment.

Focus on the Story

The lives of historical figures make for great stories. For example, President Teddy Roosevelt has several incredible stories from his lifetime, like the time he was shot during a speech, and finished it anyway. In addition, his daughter, Alice Roosevelt, was a force of nature who was eventually banned from the White House because she would continually burst into private meetings. Focusing on stories like these could excite and amaze students so they’re more likely to engage deeply with the content.

Making Learning Fun

There are plenty ways to develop full lesson plans that catch your students’ attention. Give it a try.