4 Active Careers To Consider

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You’ve probably noticed in the last decade that most jobs involve sitting for long periods of time staring at a screen. While there are ways to mitigate the problems associated with sitting (it’s extremely hard on the body), you might be starting to realize that desk jobs simply aren’t for you. Interested in some great alternatives? Consider the following career options. 

1. Massage Therapy

Are you fascinated with human anatomy and physiology? Do you have a deep desire to help others? Are you a tactile person who doesn’t mind giving healing touch? Then a career as a massage therapist might be perfect for you. It offers numerous avenues for growth and specialization. Want to know more? Try a search using terms such as massage therapy classes Atlanta to find high-quality training programs. 

2. Healthcare

Whether you have a college degree in the sciences or a GED, there’s an active, challenging field in healthcare that might be the perfect fit for you. The most important criteria: You’re dependable, caring, and adaptable. From transport to nursing, radiology to environmental services, healthcare professions keep you on your feet and moving most of the day. 

3. Cosmetology

Are you constantly on YouTube checking out the latest hairstyle and makeup tutorials? Are you fascinated with color and geometry? Are you meticulous? A career in cosmetology offers you flexibility, creativity, and an opportunity to improve others’ self-esteem and quality of life. You might take on a few appointments a week or become a traveling artist-educator; the way you scale is totally up to you. 

4. Production

Do you love tech but dislike sitting all day? Working as a production assistant gives you the chance to leverage your technical skills and get some functional movement as you place and adjust equipment. It’s also a social job; a big plus if you’re more extroverted. 

Moving to a more active career requires awareness of your skills and preferences. Keep these ideas in mind as you make changes in your professional life!