Difficult fields to study online

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Learning Online: Problems and Solutions | UNICEF North Macedonia

Of a surety, character, and diligence are prerequisites for success, but education plays an important role as well. Research shows that there are more chances of success for educated people than non-educated ones. Due to the availability and accessibility to the internet, education has been revolutionized. As such, more people have access to take courses outside of school.

If you want to study any of these courses, you will have to patronize UK online shops to buy the devices you will need. You might also need to get ebooks from electronic book online shops. However, not all online courses are easy. Here are some of the difficult ones:


As generally known, medicine is quite a difficult course, although some streams are quite easy. However, most fields in medicine are difficult; they require intense studying and rigorous practicals. Medical students need an extra amount of grit, diligence, patience, passion, etc. to succeed in medicine. Everything is important and treated with care since it is a matter of life and death. As such, studying a course as practical-oriented and intense as medicine isn’t ideal. Students need physical classes to be successful in this field.


Even though pharmacy is related to medicine, both are different. It is a tough course in its right. It deals with the proper administration of medicine and it is all-time relevant. The world will continue to need more medicines to cure health issues, so pharmaceuticals have a lot on their hands. This type, of course, is hard to learn from home as students need to be under the physical supervision of the instructor during practical. No one can afford to fail in the learning process, because that automatically means low-quality drugs and in turn, less quality of life.

Astronautical engineering

Students are normally required to spend at least 20 hours per week in this course. It deals with learning how to develop aeroplanes that can navigate the Earth’s atmosphere as well as how to advance rockets outside it. This course has other components like space system design, aerodynamic, aircraft structures, etc. Students cannot have an efficient learning experience if they are left on their own to do all of these just with instructions.


This course involves the study of clouds such as stars, planets, etc., and other related stuff. Students in this field take classes in software engineering, physics, cosmology, planetary geology, etc. The course involves going to the field to study the clouds and learn about heavenly bodies. It is best students are physical with their tutors so that they can get a better grasp of the course, as well as learn from one another.


While online learning can help with providing the bulky materials needed in law, it cannot be wholly taught online. There are different streams to pursue and law students need to have a firm grasp of thousands of laws written years ago. They not only need to have extensive knowledge but also need to know how to apply it in real-life matters. This is not easy to learn online. Communication, presentation, and problem-solving skills are best learned from the tutor in person.

While all the above courses are difficult to learn online, online courses can act as a backup for them.