FERPA Complaint From Fatima Geidi To US Dept Of Schooling Re Eva Moskowitz Violation Of

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Fatima’s FERPA grievance to the US Department of Schooling sent this morning is below; for extra on how Moskowitz violated FERPA and the federal student privateness rights of Ms. Geidi’s son, see this Slate article Sign the Shade of Change petition, to demand that the US Dept of Education cease granting Success Charters thousands and thousands of dollars and contributing to the Kindergarten to prison pipeline.

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The division has always been a political sizzling potato and the anti-ED push joined forces with the anti-requirements push in support of ESSA, which helped to codify a discount in staffing and authority at ED. As regular, Republican presidential candidates are calling for the abolition of the division as they run within the GOP major. That is extraordinarily unlikely to occur, but ongoing administrative capability deficits within federal, state, and local schooling departments present a formidable challenge to the ambitious training reform agenda of the modern interval.

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